Thursday, 26 November 2015

Charge Right for Truck Life


Research has shown that charging a battery below 80 percent of its total capacity results in shortened battery and truck component life. If you want to keep your battery powerful and your truck on the road, here are some tips for a proper charge routine.

1.    A trickle charger is best. It consists of a power cord, a transformer and two alligator clips. It delivers slow and steady power from an outlet. Nix thoughts of a rapid charge. Batteries do better with slow going.

2.    Clean terminals are a must. But be careful if you see any white powder on them. That’s sulfuric acid residue. Protect your hands with gloves, put baking soda on a wet cloth and wipe down the terminals, or use a sandpaper pad.

3.    Cell caps off!Caps seal the battery cells during normal truck operation. However, when charging occurs, the chemical process generates gas, which if unvented, can cause the battery to crack or explode.

4.    Be careful with jumper attachment. Always remember, red wire goes to the positive terminal (POS) and the other to the negative (NEG). Never should the wires touch. That would cause a spark, bad news if free battery hydrogen is present.

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