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4 Major Reasons for a Car Battery Failure

It’s a terrible feeling when you go to start your car and it just won’t turn over. Sometimes, this could be the result of having a poorly manufactured battery. The more likely explanation is that it is something caused by improper use or another component of the car fails, preventing the battery from getting recharged.

Leaving the headlights on is sure to drain the battery and quickly. The good news is that most cars today have a feature that shuts the lights out when you turn off the motor. But this is something that can be overridden and when that happens, the chance of leaving the lights on increases. As long as the battery is not too old, it should be able to get charged and continue working after that.

The alternator is the component of a car that is responsible for recharging the battery. Without getting into the mechanics of how the alternator works, it sends the power that it generates from the crankshaft to any of the components that need power, including the battery. The battery is then recharged and as long as it is healthy, this relationship can go on for a long period of time. When the alternator fails, it breaks this power relationship and the battery won’t get the boost that it needs. Many people mistake this situation for battery failure when it is the alternator that is the cause.

There are several people that only use their cars for short distances. This can cause problems with the battery because it never gets a full charge. It seems counterintuitive that you should drive more to make sure the battery gets a full recharge. But that is the way it works. Batteries that don’t get a full charge will often have the acid start to layer and build up. This will increase the chances of corrosion at the terminals which will make it more difficult for the battery to start.

Another factor that can cause battery failure over time is something referred to as parasitic drain. Any device that is in your car that is left on, even when the motor is turned off, can lead to small drains of battery power. Each component on their own won’t add much to the drain. But all of them together can be a problem, especially after a while. For this reason, it’s usually a good idea to shut all your devices down.

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Lead Acid Batteries

When people think about lead-acid batteries, they usually think about a car battery. These are starting batteries. They deliver a short more

Shopping for Golf Cart Batteries


When your golf cart runs out of juice and you need to replace the batteries, you’ll want to make your purchase from a store that knows what they’re talking about. Golf cart batteries are a specialty item. While a car battery gives the motor energy to start, a golf cart battery powers the cart itself, plus the accessories. A car typically uses only one battery, but a golf cart uses six or eight. Your new batteries represent a significant investment, so you’ll want to make an informed decision when purchasing them. Here are some options when shopping.

1. Ask your friends where they buy batteries.

If you use your cart for golfing, ask your buddies for recommendations to battery experts. They’ll likely have a store in mind that sells high quality batteries and offers excellent customer service.

2. Use the Internet.

Check local listings for battery stores and read customer reviews.Some battery stores can also clean your old batteries and restore them to power, giving you more time before you have to buy new batteries. Look for a store that can deliver and install your batteries as well.

3.Visit a battery store.

Businesses that specialize batteries know their inventory really well. A battery store should have a selection of batteries that will power your cart smoothly and continuously.

The choice of where to get a golf cart battery is yours. Shop wisely, and you should have long-lasting power to enjoy your cart with. For battery repair in Carlsbad, visit this website for information.

Assistance for All Your Battery Needs


If you suspect your battery might be malfunctioning or need to be replaced, take it to a mechanic or battery store. Their professionals will be able to diagnose the problem and assist you with all your battery needs.

Power Up Again With Rechargeable Batteries


There are many types of rechargeable batteries. Car batteries might come to mind first, since most people have had to jump their car battery after leaving the lights on or a door partially ajar. Smaller household batteries can also be rechargeable, and are great for helping to save the environment. Here’s a list of rechargeable battery types.

1.Lead-acid battery.

This is the oldest type and one of the strongest. It is typically used to start motors.

2.Nickel-cadmium battery.

These batteries are toxic and have been banned for most uses by the European Union, but are still available in the USA. They were commonly used for cordless power tools and consumer electronics, but are becoming less popular.

3.Nickel-metal hydride battery.

Also known as NiMH batteries, they are widely available. These powerful batteries are used by industries and consumers. 

4.Lithium-ion batteries.

Perhaps the most commonly used rechargeable battery for consumer electronics, these batteries hold their charge and supply plentiful power. Their long life makes them a smart choice.

5.Experimental batteries.

Scientists are working hard to bring us new types of rechargeable batteries for every purpose. These batteries will have increased power and a longer life span, and will be better for the environment.

Different types of rechargeable batteries serve different purposes. Most batteries can be recycled, which further aids in preserving the earth. Visit this website to learn more about battery recycling in Carlsbad.

Car battery care tips

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Gel vs. AGM: What Is the Better Battery for Your Boat?


For powering your boat, you have a few options for the right battery. Two common options are gel batteries and AGM (absorbed glass mat) batteries. These battery types are similar in a few ways, but they have some key differences. Here are a few factors to help you choose the better battery for your boat.

1.       Battery Life

If battery life is a big element of your decision, consider that AGM batteries can have half the cycle life of gel batteries.

2.       Cost

While cost is not the only important factor in making purchasing decisions, it is still one of the things you may want to consider. Gel batteries may be a higher initial cost, while AGM batteries often come at a lower price. Still, gel batteries may come out on top in this category due to a few factors:

  • A lower cost-per-month
  • A lower cost-per-cycle
  • Virtually no maintenance

3.       Use

When it comes down to what you will actually be using your battery for, there are some differences between gel and AGM. AGM batteries are very good for stationary and starting uses, but gel batteries are especially well-suited and safe for sea use.

If you are looking for a long-lasting battery that is especially fit for sea use and is more cost-effective over the long term, gel is likely the best battery choice for you. Once you have chosen a battery type, visit this website to find a used batteries store in San Diego.