Friday, 30 October 2015

Shopping for Golf Cart Batteries


When your golf cart runs out of juice and you need to replace the batteries, you’ll want to make your purchase from a store that knows what they’re talking about. Golf cart batteries are a specialty item. While a car battery gives the motor energy to start, a golf cart battery powers the cart itself, plus the accessories. A car typically uses only one battery, but a golf cart uses six or eight. Your new batteries represent a significant investment, so you’ll want to make an informed decision when purchasing them. Here are some options when shopping.

1. Ask your friends where they buy batteries.

If you use your cart for golfing, ask your buddies for recommendations to battery experts. They’ll likely have a store in mind that sells high quality batteries and offers excellent customer service.

2. Use the Internet.

Check local listings for battery stores and read customer reviews.Some battery stores can also clean your old batteries and restore them to power, giving you more time before you have to buy new batteries. Look for a store that can deliver and install your batteries as well.

3.Visit a battery store.

Businesses that specialize batteries know their inventory really well. A battery store should have a selection of batteries that will power your cart smoothly and continuously.

The choice of where to get a golf cart battery is yours. Shop wisely, and you should have long-lasting power to enjoy your cart with. For battery repair in Carlsbad, visit this website for information.

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