Friday, 30 October 2015

4 Major Reasons for a Car Battery Failure

It’s a terrible feeling when you go to start your car and it just won’t turn over. Sometimes, this could be the result of having a poorly manufactured battery. The more likely explanation is that it is something caused by improper use or another component of the car fails, preventing the battery from getting recharged.

Leaving the headlights on is sure to drain the battery and quickly. The good news is that most cars today have a feature that shuts the lights out when you turn off the motor. But this is something that can be overridden and when that happens, the chance of leaving the lights on increases. As long as the battery is not too old, it should be able to get charged and continue working after that.

The alternator is the component of a car that is responsible for recharging the battery. Without getting into the mechanics of how the alternator works, it sends the power that it generates from the crankshaft to any of the components that need power, including the battery. The battery is then recharged and as long as it is healthy, this relationship can go on for a long period of time. When the alternator fails, it breaks this power relationship and the battery won’t get the boost that it needs. Many people mistake this situation for battery failure when it is the alternator that is the cause.

There are several people that only use their cars for short distances. This can cause problems with the battery because it never gets a full charge. It seems counterintuitive that you should drive more to make sure the battery gets a full recharge. But that is the way it works. Batteries that don’t get a full charge will often have the acid start to layer and build up. This will increase the chances of corrosion at the terminals which will make it more difficult for the battery to start.

Another factor that can cause battery failure over time is something referred to as parasitic drain. Any device that is in your car that is left on, even when the motor is turned off, can lead to small drains of battery power. Each component on their own won’t add much to the drain. But all of them together can be a problem, especially after a while. For this reason, it’s usually a good idea to shut all your devices down.

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